Do you want to feel like you’re in a Caribbean paradise at your party? With its catchy melodies and “carismatic” energy, CARISMA can sweep you off your there.

Varianty a možnosti vystoupení kapely

1. style selection   see Photo Gallery

  • CARISMA-música latina the band’s official name and its most common variant, offering a cross-section of Latin American music from traditional Cuban songs to Gipsy Kings-style hits and well-known, popular Latino tunes. We offer this variant if the client does not have something specific in mind and wants to leave the program and selection of musicians (including the vocalist) up to us.
  • CARISMA-cuban style primarily composed of Cuban musicians and singers. The entire repertoire is in the spirit of the Buena Vista Social Club
  • CARISMA-latin pop the domain of singers Nikol and Daylén. In addition to commercial Latin hits, they also offer lots of popular contemporary hits.

2. selection – size of the production

  • Small ensemble – duet or trio
  • Classic ensemble – five or six musicians
  • Orchestral ensemble – eight or more musicians

Dance performances or dance accompaniment by one or several pairs

  • TRADICIÓN Dance Group (Salsa, Samba, Tango, etc.)

Comprehensive Latino-style program

  • Sing- and dance-alongs (interactive audience involvement)
  • Emcee (such as Mahulena Bočanová, or perhaps a Latino emcee)
  • Latino DJ (who also has a repertoire of other genres)
  • Exotic hostesses